Telecast Fiber Systems

Python 3G

The Python 3G is your answer to lowering the cost of digital video distribution, simplifying your cable plant and eliminating all concerns about distance, interference and grounding.

The Python 3G converts up to 2 groups of 8-channels of HD-SDI to fiber optic transport, all in a compact 1RU frame. In addition, Python 3G uses CWDM optical multiplexing options to carry up to 16 HD signals on a single optical fiber.

Teleport 3G

Reduce your cabling requirements by using fiber optic Coarse Wavelength Division Multiplexing (CWDM), in an easy-to-use, powerful wavelength-managing repeater
The TelePort™ 3G multiplies the effectiveness of your fiber optic cables and solves your high bandwidth signal transport needs. The results are lower cable costs and simpler management of your broadcast facilities.

The TelePort™ 3G accepts the optical output of virtually any digital transmitter, such as our Viper , Thunder, Cobra™ 2DT, etc., and converts the signal into a specific CWDM wavelength. At the other end, a CWDM demultiplexer directs the signal to your standard receiver. There is no need to purchase customized wavelengths for each system, or to buy spares for each wavelength. The TelePort™ 3G handles it all easily and seemlessly.

Telethon 3G

The TeleThon™ 3G is the single optical and electrical multiplexer that simplifies all your cabling needs. It accepts electrical digital signals (via BNC), ranging from 19.4 Mbps up to 3 Gbps uncompressed HD-SDI and optical signals of up to 3 Gbps each, and multiplexes them for transmission in either or both directions.

Up to 16 optical signals can be accommodated on one fiber, significantly increasing fiber capacity. The CWDM (coarse wavelength division multiplexing) capability of the TeleThon™ 3G system simplifies and multiplies the effectiveness of fiber optic cables, reducing operator costs and improving overall signal transmission capacity.


No longer available. Please see Rattler 4 or Fibre4TV 'Mini', below.

Rattler 4

Telecast's Rattler 4, the latest addition to the series of miniature fiber optic serial digital video transmission modules, transport up to 3gbs HD over a single core of fibre cable.

At just three inches in length, these tiny modules can be deployed almost anywhere. They are available as single transmitters and receivers, dual transmitters (Tx) and receivers (Rx), and bi-directional transceivers (TR). Each Rattler 4 Tx accepts one or two 75 ohm coaxial inputs and converts it into an optical stream via standard ST connectors. The Rx units reconvert the uncompressed signal back to BNC outputs.

The Rattler 4 transmitters are available in standard 1310 nm and 1550 nm wavelengths, as well as in all 16 CWDM wavelengths, so the possible combinations are astounding.

Fibre 4 TV 'Mini'

3G HD-SDI Video Transport up to 30 Km The 'Mini' is the first choice for high reliability micro 3G HD-SDI transport technology. Perfect for users with unique space constraints, power requirements or everyday versatile video transport needs, the 'Mini' provides everything the user could need.

The transmitter accepts a standard 75Ohm coaxial input signal and converts it into an uncompressed, low-latency optical signal utilizing standard ST connectors. The receiver decodes the uncompressed optical signal back to an electrical signal which can then be connected to recording or video acquisition equipment via the standard BNC output.

Viper I

The Viper I family, including our reel mounted Sidewinder™ system, handles all your signals on one lightweight fiber cable. Both systems are modular and provide two-way video (NTSC/PAL or HD-SDI), audio, intercom and data transport.

These flexible, interoperable systems let you create your own configuration of Mussel Shell, rack mounted "442" or reel mounted modular units.

Viper II

The Viper II system is based on a 3RU modular frame that houses a variety of Viper II "plug and play" modular fiber optic transmitters, receivers and transcievers. Modules are available for transporting digital HD-SDI video, audio, and intercom communications over fiber.

Each frame has 16 slots that can be used to accommodate both single and double-slot modules and power supplies. Functionality modules can be hot swapped at any time.

The frame ships ready-to-use. Simply insert a PS6000 Power Supply Unit into any available slots (auto-sensing for 110/220 VAC). The frame can accommodate additional power supplies for redundancy.

Viper II - TR6292

The Viper II TR6292 bi-directional fiber optic serial digital video transceiver offers Telecast performance in the space-saving Viper II form factor. The TR6292 uses only one fiber to transmit and receive any format of HD-SDI in two directions, using WDM muxing.

A front panel BNC is available to monitor incoming or outgoing video, plus an essential received optical power meter.

Using the optional expansion card, the TR6292 can convert into a 2-slot transceiver, with 6 HD-SDI BNC rear panel outputs.

TR6292 set will support any standard format SDI video, from 19.4 Mbps ATSC to 1.5 Gbps HDTV, as well as other digital signals.

Viper II - TX-RX6292

The TX-RX6292 is a single channel SDI/HD-SDI module for the Viper II offering the industry's broadest range of digital transmission rates while maintaining the quality of transmission that broadcasters demand. No matter what your format, the 6292 set allows you to implement:

The Viper II Tx/Rx6292 module set is available as standalone throwdown modules (MTx6292 and MRx6292), or as rack mount Tx6292 and Rx6292) modules to fit our Viper II 16-slot frame.

Terrapin FTR-D6

The Terrapin FTR-D6 combines the features of a fiber optic digital video transmitter, receiver, and a 6-output digital video distribution amplifier, providing unprecedented flexibility for any application where video must be simultaneously transmitted, received and viewed.

The compact transceiver transparently handles the entire range of digital video rates while maintaining the signal quality that broadcasters demand. No matter what the format, the Terrapin FTR-D6 allows you to transport and view:

  • 3 Gbps HD-SDI SMPTE 424M (reclocked)
  • 1.5 Gbps HD-SDI SMPTE 292M (reclocked)
  • AES and MADI audio
  • Non-standard digital signals to 3 Gbps