Telecast Fiber Systems


Thunder is the newest generation high-volume audio/data/intercom transport link from Miranda fiber systems Thunder transports up to 80 audio, intercom, or data paths, configurable in 8-path groups (10 groups), all on one or two strands of fiber, at the lowest price and most compact size ever available.

Simply equip the compact 1RU Tupa frame with the appropriate ThunderBolt I/O cards to create a fiber optic audio/intercom/data link that can solve virtually any audio/intercom/data connectivity situation in the teleproduction environment.

You buy only the components that you need. Individual analog and AES Tx and Rx cards and breakout panels can be combined with data and intercom devices to create an audio system that is perfectly suited to your particular application.

Viper II - 6080

The Viper II 6080 fiber optic audio transmitter and receiver module set efficiently multiplexes and transmits 8 channels of your analog audio on one fiber, with a signal to noise level greater than 100 dB. The module set supports line level audio input and output, and provides more than 20 kHz of audio frequency response with extremely low distortion.

Eight line level audio inputs are digitized by the Tx6080, using 24-bit sampling, digitally multiplexed and transmitted via Telecast's advanced laser technology. The Rx6080 faithfully reconverts these signals into the original analog audio channels.

The 6080 is available as either stand-alone or rack-mount via the Viper II module frame on the video transport page.


The CommLink™ is a fiber optic transceiver system that carries two intercom channels seamlessly over a single strand of fiber spanning distances of more than 30 kilometers. With advanced digital noise elimination circuitry, users won't know that they aren't connected by traditional copper wires.

The system works with the industry's most common 2-Wire partyline intercom systems, as well as most digital matrix-style 4-Wire intercom systems. All functionality of each intercom system is transported over the fiber link, including call signalling, matrix panel alphanumeric data, and remote station controls. With its advanced auto-nulling hybrid technology, the system acts as a noiseless hybrid between a 4-Wire matrix system and a 2-Wire partyline system.